December 29, 2011
Are most Democrats in favor of Obama's secret drone killing policy?

If a Republican were in the White House, rest assured most Democrats would be going nuts about how this administration has gone too far with its immoral foreign policy. But since we’re living under the Obama brand and not the Bush brand, the response has been one big, metaphorical shrug.

The Obama administration has expanded the robot war from inside Pakistan, where it was restricted to under Bush, to places like Yemen and Somalia; has made civilian deaths-by-drone officially secret and undiscussable; and has further stripped basic civil liberties for terror suspects, including American citizens, preferring the practice of summary execution by air.

Where’s the outcry?

In this piece, Glenn Greenwald looks at the strong support that powerful Democrats have given to Obama’s secret US drone/killing program in at least six Muslim countries; Greenwald also had an op-ed piece in yesterday’s Guardian that’s worth checking out: "Vote Obama - if you want a centrist Republican for US President"

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